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Trash X is a simple to use application designed to provide more granular control over the macOS trash can. Use it to selectively empty trash on specific disk volumes or selectively delete individual files and folders. For easy access, try placing an alias to it on your Desktop or in the Finder toolbar or sidebar.

With Trash X, you can:

See at a glance how much space trash is using on individual disk volumes
Send any file or folder to the Trash
Instantly delete any file or folder
Empty Trash on all or only selected disk volumes
Do all of the above with root privileges
Eject any disk volume


Attractive, easy to use interface.
Easy installation and removal. Can be placed anywhere.
Uses no system hacks or Terminal command line voodoo.
Application based for maximum stability.
Behaves like the classic trashcan - trashes files and folders, and ejects disks.
Built for macOS
Illustrated Documentation.
Universal binary for intel and Apple Silicon

Requirements:  macOS 10.10 or higher

Download Trash X 2024.1 (12.5 Mb)

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Made in Alaska