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The Macintosh Clipboard - it's simple, it's elegant, it's a core element of the Mac computing experience.  Why should there be only one? Introducing ClipDoubler.  Unlike other clipboard enhancement utilities, ClipDoubler is designed as an easy to use application that gives you unlimited clipboards.  Double click, and you can have all the clipboards your heart desires.  Quit and you're back to one.  Simple as that. ClipDoubler supports text, pictures, sounds, movies, and many other resources.  ClipDoubler can both open and save Clipping files, and it can create internet shortcuts as well.  You can put the contents of text and graphic files onto a clipboard with a simple drag and drop.  ClipDoubler gives you the ability to edit the contents of any clipboard, and convenient menu shortcuts are built in to perform common editing tasks.  And since accumulating multiple clipboards can become a daunting task, ClipDoubler sports powerful clipboard navigation features unmatched by any other clipboard utility.  No other clipboard software gives you the ability to search across unlimited clipboards for just the clipping you need.


Simple and easy to use.
Handy shortcuts to copy time, date, ip address to clipboards.
Drag and drop to copy file pathnames to the clipboard.
Create clippings files and internet shortcuts.
Edit the text on the clipboard.
Handy shortcuts to process text on the clipboard.
Number of clipboards is limited only by available memory.
Thumbnail gallery allows simultaneous viewing of all clipboards.
Search across all clipboards to find specific data,
Clipboard contents can be saved to disk for later reuse.
Clipboards can be automatically saved and restored.
Support for user defined hot keys.
Supports styled text, graphics, movies, sounds, and much more.
ClipDoubler is an application and can be opened and quit as needed.
Universal Binary for PPC or Intel Macs.
Illustrated Documentation.

Requirements:  Universal Binary requires OS X 10.4 or higher

Download ClipDoubler 1.2.3 (4.2 Mb)

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Made in Alaska