dmgArchiver - macOS Disk Image Archive Software

dmgArchiver for macOS

dmgArchiver is a simple to use application that will build a compressed disk image archive of the files and folders you select. This disk image is in HFS+ format so it can be opened by a wide range of Macintosh computers without any additional software. These backup images can be stored any where you wish: external hard drive, network storage drive, even on an iPhone.

Simply add the files and folders you wish to archive, push a button and you have a compressed archive ready to safely store anywhere you like.

dmgArchiver lets you save documents that instantly sets the app up to archive your items with a double click.  Create as many of these documents as you like to archive any portion of your computer you like.  You can have one document to build a larger archive of items that don't change very often, and other documents to quickly archive more dynamic content any time you need.

dmgArchiver builds a compressed disk image for you that can be opened by any Macintosh running 10.4 or later.  You can build a backup strategy that works just for you.


Attractive, easy to use interface
Save dmgArchiver documents to instantly set up archives
Backup your system the way you want to
Compressed disk images open even on older Macs
Illustrated Documentation
Available for macOS

Requirements: macOS 10.10 or higher

Download dmgArchiver 2024.2 (12.3 Mb)

dmgArchiver for macOS screenshot

Made in Alaska