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You are being watched.

Everywhere you go, everything you see and do online is being tracked and used for commercial purposes and sometimes for nefarious purposes. 

HostsWard can help!

HostsWard uses your hosts file to block ads, malware, trackers, and other nasties from following you around the internet.

HostsWard is simple to use and can block almost a quarter million internet bad guys from reaching your computer.

HostsWard uses the system hosts file which means blocking is effective in any browser you choose to use and it protects all your other apps as well.  HostsWard is system level protection that protects all user accounts on your Mac.


Attractive, easy to use interface.
Blocks unwanted ads and ad trackers.
Block Gambling sites
Blocks adult content sites.
Blocks malware.
Blocks Social Media.
Blocks Fake News.
Protects any browser on your computer.
Protects any app on your computer.
Protects any user on your computer.
Illustrated Documentation.
Available for macOS.
Requirements: macOS 10.10 or higher

Download HostsWard 2024.2 (33.2 Mb)

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