FileWard Personal File Encryption & Security for macOS

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FileWard is a handy tool designed to bring high strength data encryption to Macintosh users.  FileWard uses the cryptography libraries of OpenSSL to make six industrial strength encryption ciphers available in an easy to use drag and drop application.  Simply drop a file or folder into FileWard to encrypt it, or double click to decrypt it.  FileWard also brings convenient high strength encryption to the clipboard allowing you to encrypt any clipboard contents including text, pictures, spreadsheets, whatever!  In short, if you can copy it to the clipboard, FileWard can encrypt it.  FileWard even lets you encrypt binary files directly to the clipboard.  With FileWard, state of the art encryption of files and data is finally made simple.

No other utility on the market offers stronger file and data protection than FileWard.  If you have a secret, FileWard will keep it.  Try it free.


Attractive, easy to use interface.
Six high strength encryption ciphers.
Based on OpenSSL for robust cryptographic performance.
Open source encryption code for easy peer review.
Simple Drag and Drop encryption of files and folders.
Automatic compression of encrypted files.
Encrypt contents of the clipboard.
Encrypt binary files directly to the clipboard.
Verify integrity of encrypted files.
Create SHA1 file checksums.
Verify SHA1 file checksums.
Verify MD5 file checksums.
Access the OS X Password Assistant.
Includes Finder plugin.
Illustrated Documentation.
Universal Binary.

Requirements:  Universal Binary requires OS X 10.4 or higher

Download FileWard 2.0.4 (24.6 Mb)

You can use FileWard to verify the authenticity of this download.

*** Begin FileWard SHA1 Checksum ***
SHA1(fileward.dmg)= 91c3f6723cad75e8edebd6d7c0356647ccef4154
*** End FileWard SHA1 Checksum ***

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Made in Alaska