Classic Toggler

Classic Toggler is a small application that provides a convenient means to launch, quit, and manage the Classic environment. Since Classic Toggler is an application and not a dockling or a menu extra, it offers a feature set unmatched by similar utilities. It provides a Dock icon and menu to indicate the status of classic and a means to turn it on and off. It can be left running or automated to run whenever classic loads. Classic Toggler also provides easy access to key applications and folders within the active classic system folder, including the OS 9 Desktop. Control Panels, Extensions, Fonts, etc can be added to the classic System Folder by a simple drag and drop on to the Classic Toggler icon. The built in Preference and Desktop managers make keeping the OS 9 and OS X environments in synch a breeze. Simply put, Classic Toggler is the most useful and robust classic environment manager available.


Attractive, easy to use interface.
Convenient control of Classic.
Launches automatically whenever classic starts up.
View status of Classic, or turn on and off from the Dock.
Easy access to the Chooser in the active Classic system folder.
Easy access to the Extensions Manager in the active Classic System Folder
Easy access to the Control Panels in the active Classic system folder.
Easy access to the Apple Menu Items in the active Classic system folder.
Easy access to the Classic OS 9 desktop.
Easy access to classic applications.
Synchronize preferences between classic Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.
Synchronize files on the Mac OS X and Classic Desktop.
Built in file router for the classic System folder
Built for Mac OS X.
Illustrated Documentation.

What other people have said about Classic Toggler:

ChezMark calls Classic Toggler a "Class Act"

Requirements: PowerMac, Mac OS X

Download Classic Toggler 1.4.4 (1.2 Mb)

Made in Alaska